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22" Long Straight Natural Black Full Lace Wigs

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Product code: 199

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Quick Overview:

This wig is full lace wigs and it is made of 100% remy human hair. It is natural black, long and straight without layers with scissor thinned ends. Cause the wig is made of lace and with mono top, you may style it freely. It can be both side swept bang and middle parting bang. You may also brush the fringe back and style a high ponytail or up-dos. Cap Size: Average Weight: 130g


FAQs for Wigs:

Q: Is this wig can be styled?

A: Yes, it is made of 100% remy human hair which has natural looking and can be dyed and styled.

Q: Is this a full lace wig? Is it partial hand-tied wig? Why not cut off the surplus lace in front?

A: Yes. It is a full lace wig with hand-tied lace in front and stretches on top. The uncut surplus lace means it is a 100% new wig. It is an unwritten law in wig industry that a wig can not be sold if the surplus lace has been cut.

Q: Can this kind of full lace hand-tied wigs be pulled back and style a ponytail?

A: Yes. And it not only can style low ponytail and half-dos as the lace front wigs do, it also can style a high ponytail and up-dos. The best thing about lace wigs is that they can be as natural as the real human skin. You may style half-dos and up-dos without worrying about revealing the hairline.

Q: Is the glue essential for full lace wig?

A: Not always. It has adjustable traps behind and sewn in combs on both sides of the earflaps. 

Q: How long can a wig be worn?

A: Our wigs are high-end level and with good quality. Normally, they can be worn from 7 months to 1 year with suitable care.

Q: How often should I wash my wig?

A: It depends on your environment, lifestyle and amount of exercise. Suggested you may clean your wig in 9 to 15 days.

Q: Are wigs only suitable for people who has the alopecia problem?

A: No. Because our wigs are lace front wigs, it has a natural looking with an undetectable hairline. You may wear wigs to have a refreshing look without do harm to your own hair often. And you may have multiple choices of the styles of wigs. You may have a short look one day and have a long sleek and glossy hairstyle the second day.

Q: Which one is better to attach the wig? Glue or Tape?

A: This is hard to say. You’d better stick the wig in both ways to find out which one is better for you. Because everyone has their own preference. Normally, tape is more comfortable than glue a little bit.


Wigs Shipping:

We will send the goods in 3~5 days after you pay the money. For the payment, we accept Paypal, Western union, Money Gram and Bank Transfer (T/T). If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us via the email.


Color chart for human hair wig and full lace wigs:

color chart for lace front wigs


Here is the color chart, just basic colors. If you need special colors, please leave us a message by email (You may find our email address down to the right bottom of this page) and you will get the wig with the color you want.

Color Chart for Wigs

Note:  Cap is turned inside out so that you can see the construction.

Full lace wig cap with stretches.

full lace wig cap

Special about full lace wig:

It can style high ponytail without revealing the hairline which other wigs can not do that:

full lace wig style ponytail

You may also style a up-do hairstyle with this kind of full lace wigs:

full lace wig


The lace wig is Swiss lace with transparent color, so it has natural looking. You dont need to worry about showing the hairline. It is super natural.

full lace wig with transparent lace wig cap

How to Wash the Wigs:

Do not rub the wig when you try to clean it. Just soak it in warm water with wigs shampoo for 5mins. Flip it gently to get rid of the dirt and then wash down the foam with clean water. 

Then soak it water with wigs hair conditioner for another 5mins. And also wash away the foam with clean water. After that, you may take it out and put it on a towel to flip it gently to blot the water. 

Last step, just comb it smoothly and dry by airing. And before wearing, you may use wood comb to brush and style it. 

Additional Information

Color Black
Hair Texture Straight
Length Long
Material Remy Human Hair
Style European
wigs--gender/age Women

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