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As everyone knows DIY is do-it-yourself.Maybe, some may think that they lack the talent or that personal fashion creations, These are often just excuses.Eveyone should have try,DIY fashion does not have to be limited to self-inspired ideas.At first we could imitate Forming hair style,when we could mix the false with the genuine.We can set about to creat our styles.Never say "No" to yourself. Just have a try.

We know hair extension prices are still high,so if we don't want to cost too much for hair extension,why not do it ourselves. We should do some Preparations,if we intent to do DIY hair extension.Clip or tape are the best choices,clip hair extension and tape extension both are temporary hair extensions.So these two tools bring us a lot of convenience.More than that, we could use them style our hair without a professionals.

we can instantly change our hairstyle in a temporary fashion easily by addind clip hair extensions for a new look. Unlike extensions which are braided into or glued onto one's hair, clip extensions are pieces of hair that are affixed with a simple clip, making them quick and easy to put on and take off. They are usually less expensive than full weaves.Hair extensions are widely available in human hair and synthetic hair varieties. Synthetic clip hair extensions cannot be heat styled or chemically processed like human hair. But they are ideal for one-time use, or for those occasions when we wants a quick style change.While sewn-in weaves or extensions are designed to be worn for several weeks, and are usually applied over the entire head, clip hair extensions may be added as bangs or as a different color fringe. They also work well for quick ponytails; all we has to do is pull our hair back, secure it, and apply the clip on extensions.

What is Tape hair extensions? It use double-sided tape to attach the extensions to a person's real hair. The tape comes in different types and strengths but is usually clear and flexible. Taped hair extensions are useful when one prefers a more discrete appearance, because the scalp is still visible after the application. Tape can be used for both human hair and synthetic extensions and allows one to reuse the hair more easily compared to more lasting hair extension methods. This makes taped extensions useful for many types of hairstyles. Tape hair extensions in narrow wefts allows one to try out different styles without spending the time and money on permanent extensions or hair color and can also carry a somewhat smaller risk of damage to the person's real hair. There's also a risk of damage if we pulls too hard on the extensions when trying to get them out. we should keep in mind that some types of tape are much weaker and can be much easier to remove.

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